Deltak Engage® Student Relationship Platform™

Deltak Engage® Student Relationship Platform™

Maximizing Relationships Across The Student Lifecycle

Deltak Engage® Student Relationship Platform™ is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed to help institutions be more efficient and student-centric, and ultimately guide your students’ success at a time when institutional resources are limited. Through integration with an institution’s existing data systems, Engage SRP provides real-time insights and configurable workflows, resulting in better insights and actions to engage with and support students.

Built on the leading cloud computing software,®, Engage SRP provides a comprehensive view of the full student experience by integrating with core systems, including all Student Information and Learning Management Systems, allowing you more flexibility and reducing the need for multiple disparate systems and their related costs. Engage SRP enables your recruiters, admissions staff, advisors, faculty, and others to access information about a student and proactively provide support from pre-enrollment to graduation and beyond.

Deltak Engage® Student Relationship Platform™ (Engage SRP) gives you the ability to:

  • Document student interactions, streamline business processes, prioritize work, and enhance communication
  • Empower faculty, advisors, and others to capture information about a student, which creates a more comprehensive student profile
  • Identify students that may need additional support, and proactively intervene when necessary
  • Implement changes necessary to guide students from enrollment to graduation, and beyond

Easy to install and use, Engage SRP utilizes the full power and extensibility of Salesforce together with Deltak’s own best practices, drawing from years of experience and allowing you to benefit from a fully optimized solution.

Student Success Built on Community

Engage SRP features a comprehensive set of components created from Deltak’s two decades of experience supporting more than 275,000 individual students on the platform:

Marketing and Recruiting Component
The marketing and recruiting component enables institutions to quickly respond to student inquiries and create personalized recruiting experiences. Schools can connect with students in a more efficient and cost effective way by leveraging a variety of flexible tools that extend marketing resources and track marketing spend and return on investment. ...More

Admissions Component
The admissions component helps automate and track student applications, from admission to decision, through a highly configurable, responsive online application. The end result is higher student engagement and increased likelihood of enrollment. ...More

Student Success and Retention Component
The student success and retention component provides the ability to consolidate the information an institution needs, such as performance, interactions with advisors, life events, and financial status, in real-time, and permits the institution to customize an algorithm and best practices to determine when intervention is necessary to improve student outcomes. ...More

Career Services and Alumni Relationships Components
Engage SRP will also offer career services and alumni engagement components to allow institutions to track career discovery and job search progress by student and alumni. Additionally, it will have the ability to match impending graduates with career and networking opportunities.